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Whether philanthropy will see the benefit of a program that puts long-term relationships at the core of its mission remains to be seen. But if art is one of the few things left that might clarify and not obfuscate, unite and not divide, we should be all in on its communal expression.


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NYC SALT has been — for over a decade — creating opportunities for the city’s kids to learn the inner and outer workings of the photography industry.

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NYC Salt Featured on the Today Show

In our first foray into national media, the Today show did a segment on NYC Salt in July 2015!



The NYC Salt program boasts an incredible 100% acceptance rate into college, in a neighborhood where only 37% receive higher education. And many of those were on full scholarships; to date, her students have received over a million dollars in scholarships! To learn more about this amazing program, this week, zPhotoJournal has a conversation with the compassionate and generous Alicia Hansen.


See the faces of New York as seen through the eyes of talented teens. The Big Apple is known for its array of stunning sights and spectacles, but, like any city, it’s the people of New York who make the metropolis shine. NYC SALT is a nonprofit dedicated to training young eyes to capture the individuals and moments that give the city its pulsating excitement.

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NY Times

More than 3,000 teenagers in 45 states participated in “My Hometown.” In the final presentation, curated to give a sampling of the best photos from a cross-section of the country, there are five images from NYC Salt, a nonprofit program serving inner-city teenagers. Overall, we had a selection of 35 images selected from our class.

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Morgan Stanley

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Student photography has been put on permanent display at the firm's New York Plaza offices. As part of the Firm’s renovation of various floors at 1585 Broadway and One New York Plaza, art curator Lonnie Lardner chose the photography of NYC Salt students to hang on the four newly designed floors of New York Plaza – 21, 39, 40 and 41 – as a means to help support the nonprofit and its protégées.

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Emerging Photographer

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In 1994, photographer, Alicia Hansen turned a one-off class for disadvantaged teens into NYCSalt, a volunteer-staffed nonprofit that teaches professional grade skills similar to what these budding photographers would get if they could apprentice for a pro shooter.

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Good Works

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NYCSalt is flavoring and preserving the lives of at-risk youth. About six years ago working with disposable cameras the kids learned more than just photography. The kids were schooled on their potential and how they could alter their lives by tapping into their inner talents.

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NYC SALT Gaining Momentum, Changing Lives. Many photo professionals have supported the program. Gabe Biderman, who works for B&H, held a night photography and light painting class in the group’s studio. Keri Friedman at Lensbaby will give the students lenses for a month next spring. Jeff Cable, Lexar’s marketing director, has gone shooting with the students, taught classes and become a board member.