Junnuel Sanchez Class of 2019

“Family Bonds” My traditions and values consist of close family bonds, in my case it’s safe to accept that blood is thicker than water. However, not just with any family members, my closest bonds consist of three very outstanding women in my life. My grandmother, who’s from a very different generation is a trusting friend I have on my side. My mother, she’s a person I admire and whose taught me to be very independent. She is living proof of loyalty, care, and unconditional love. Despite of the adversities that life has placed us in, such as splitting apart from my father, she has taught me to value myself before anything or anyone else— that’s the only way you can truly love someone else— the key is to love and value yourself first. My sister, who although is a lot younger than me, we share a bond where we look out for one another unconditionally.  This is what makes my values very unique, better yet, this is who I am.