LAIZA MARTINEZ Class of 2018

“MascuFemme” is a series of portraits which I created to challenge ideas of masculinity and explore the idea of women taking on masculine traits, men adopting feminine traits.

“Mi Familia” is an ongoing project about my family and our culture. One of the images is a self-portrait that I took during the college application which was very hectic, I decided to try to capture my mindset and the feeling of how fast I felt my mind was moving. The other images are my parents, in the comfortability of their home.

LIAM O’CONNELL Class of 2018

Urban change may be inevitable, but how can this be balanced with identity? This is the question which New York City must answer as more and more people attempt to come here. My goal was to document the architectural identities of the city. New York has a clear and well-known identity, and buildings which are recognizable around the world, but is creating a brand- new identity entirely different from the old. Is this a positive thing, or should urban change take into account the previous character of the city?


“Unspoken”  No matter what your cultural background is everyone has feelings and those feelings are being communicated differently by different people. My being a kid who grew up in West Africa, I went through a lot of struggles that only people from similar cultures can relate to. As an artist I try to reveal those struggles through individual images of friends with similar ethnicities that have experienced those difficult times.