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Fall Retreat


We started our residency program this year with a weekend retreat at the Frost Valley YMCA. Students and mentors played teambuilding games, and had a great time despite the rainy weather. Students also got a lot of practice photographing motion, capturing images of their peers on the zip-line!

  I turn to my camera when

I want to go

on adventures

and discover

new places.




Residency Class


It has been an exciting year so far, and the students are already starting to build their portfolios. We have had some great talks, and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Nick Ut even paid us a visit in October! The students loved hearing about his impressive career in photojournalism.


Four of our residency class students – Nia Gordon, Liam O’Connell, Alex Fuchs, and Allyssa Rubino – are working with Duggal to teach a class in photography for elementary school students. This is the second time SALT has partnered with Duggal on this class, and our students always enjoy sharing their skills with other young people. Nice work, Nia, Liam, Alex, and Allyssa!

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