Liam O'Connell


Liam O'Connell

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Urban change may be inevitable, but how can this be balanced with identity? This is the question which New York City must answer as more and more people attempt to come here. My goal was to document the architectural identities of the city. New York has a clear and well-known identity, and buildings which are recognizable around the world, but is creating a brand- new identity entirely different from the old. Is this a positive thing, or should urban change take into account the previous character of the city?

Liam O’Connell is currently studying photography at Carnegie Mellon. He specializes in architectural photography. He has won multiple awards including the prestigious Gold Key Award from Scholastic.

Small Print: 8.5 x 11 inch paper with image proportionally sized
Large Print: 17x22 inch paper with image proportionally sized
Other size prints are available on request and priced accordingly.

All images are printed on archival paper and have an NYC SALT stamp on the verso.

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