Ashley Ventura
Christian Rodriguez
Danny Martinez
Devin Osorio
Heriberto Altieri
Kedwien Valdez
Ymaldi Estrella

“NYC Salt is a non-profit photography organization that helps inner-city youth learn who they are and inspires them to be who they’re truly meant to be. I was recommended to enroll, and this organization has changed my life immensely. This was surprising, because I had never gotten an opportunity to fully invest myself in something I found satisfaction in. I have learned to see things with a whole new perspective, and it has motivated me to take every single chance given to me in order to live the happy and successful life I’ve always dreamed of.”

- Ashley Ventura


“Feeling hopeful makes hard work so rewarding, my influence to do the things I do better, Adam Chintz a freelance photographer based in New York City does not fail to make me feel hopeful about the future that is to come. I met Adam through NYC SALT, a program that teaches kids the ins and outs of photography and the photography business. Right when we met I felt like we would be good friends but never thought that we would work together and hang out. One night I was invited to celebrate Adams birthday which I thought was so cool only because of the age difference of the people that would be at the celebration, I think that's when I realized that Adam and I were friends. Our similarities are what played a vital part in our friendship and in my question-less belief that Adams’ advice was always valid. Our love for classic rock is what I feel and believe brought us together as friends, on a regular basis at the studio we’ll work and there is no doubt that Jimi Hendrix will be playing in the background.”

- Christian Rodriguez


“Photography helps me see different perspectives. Having a quiet personality, it has helped me feel more comfortable talking with people: telling them about my work, letting them know why I made a certain photo or simply describing the point I had tried to capture. I love reactions to my photos; it’s the best feeling when somebody smiles or just stares, clueless, trying to figure out technically, how I made it.”

- Danny Martinez


This is Devin’s testimonial about the internship he had with Diane Von Furstenberg through a connection one of our photographers had with the company.

"Living the life of a fashion designer is not all about the high fashion glamour and paparazzannoyance.ᅠ It also includes my favorite part, the nitty gritty background work. Work that can be spent sewing beads to nude organza, or photo copying pattern pieces in order to create “the dress”. Interning for the world renown fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg, not only taught me this, but let me experience it hands on."

- Devin Osorio



“I joined NYC SALT the beginning of my senior year of high school, and I feel that since I joined NYC SALT doors have been open for me. Photography has become more than taking a photo to me, it has become a way to tell stories and strike emotions without using words.”

- Heriberto Altieri


“SALT was so much more than just an after school program to me, it was a home away from home. As a kid I was always interested in photography, which is what first brought me to their front door. Little did I know I would learn so much more then just photography skills. They taught that sometimes things don’t come automatically; every skill requires you to keep working on it week by week; each time improving just a little more. They taught me to always be open to criticism, because every critic is a new opportunity to learn. SALT was more than just a photography class. They took the time to help whenever we needed them. When it came to inquiring about scholarships, or just looking over college essays they were always there. So I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone at SALT, although I don’t show it enough, I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You’ve helped shape who I am today.”

- Kedwien Valdez


“In my NYC Salt program, I’ve gotten the opportunity to gain the confidence in myself I never knew existed. I’ve sold my work and have become rather comfortable speaking in front of a large audience. I am extremely proud and grateful to be a part of such an amazing program. Not only have I developed my photography skills because of this program, but I have also learned how to lose the fear of approaching strangers, learned valuable lessons on how to be professional, learned how to work in a team, and so much more. This program has exposed me to so many great things such as getting scholarships to participate in a photography program at my dream school. ”

- Ydalmi Estrella





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