NYC SALT is a 501c3 nonprofit digital photography and college access program serving high school students in NYC. Taught and lead by professionals in the NYC creative industry we seek to engage, inspire and empower our students to create award winning photography portfolios, pursue higher education and to obtain success jobs after college, seeing work as vocation. We value community and having a life long relationship with each student.

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Youth Photo Workshops

Call for Applications

Deadline: September 27st


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NYC SALT has partnered with NYC PARKS Centers across the city to provide free photo workshops to NYC High School Students. 

In this program, you will learn how to use a camera, how to use light, how to find your vision, how to use your voice to tell a story and more. You will get to go on field trips to meet some of the leaders working in the visual industry and gain a better understanding of career paths in photography and visual communication.

You will develop a professional portfolio that you can use for college admissions and professional opportunities. Your work will be displayed at the end of the year in our Annual Photography Exhibition at a public venue attended by leading industry professionals and your family.

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Call for Applications

Deadline: September 21st

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This 36-week Residency Program focuses on photography and college preparation and is intended for students who wish to deepen their understanding and passion for the visual arts. We provide:

  • - Classes taught by leading industry professionals
- One-on-one mentoring with a professional photographer or editor
- Portfolio Development
- College prep programming and academic tutoring
- Five months of small group ACT prep
- One-on-one college advising
- College visits
- Camera equipment supplied by program
- Mac lab available to all students every day after school
- Instruction on using Adobe Creative Suite
- Introduction to video
- Instruction on photography as a business
- Field trips to creative companies to learn about career paths
- Field trips to cool locations for photo shoots
- Internship and freelance opportunities

    Photography is an outlet for me, a

form of art that allows me to convey

just about anything. —Laura

Call for Applications

Youth Photo Summer Camps for High School Students

Application Closed


Summer Photo camp classes cover the basics of digital photography, teaching students how to see pictures in the world around them through an understanding of composition, light, color and moment. Students will spend at least half of each day taking pictures with cameras provided by the program, practicing what they learn. The camp will be taught by a professional photographer and NYC SALT studio Residency Program students, and will culminate in a public exhibition of - students’ work. Applications for this year’s camp have closed.- -

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