Class Projects

This is a gallery of projects our students have worked on collectively as a group. We do the projects to teach the students  certain genres of photography and technical skills, as well as how to be strong storytellers.

Manfrotto Collaboration

For the first time in the United States, Manfrotto spent the summer of 2015 sponsoring the “Picture of Life” project in conjunction with NYC Salt, introducing photography as an educational enterprise to support those who have experienced social exclusion by giving them a chance to reintegrate into society and gain new professional qualifications.


Five students – Danny Martinez, Nora Molina, Christian Rodriguez, Malike Sidibe and Irvin Vega – were selected back in May to participate and were guided by professional photographers and Manfrotto employees with the aim to learn photographic techniques, lighting effects, storytelling methodologies, how to present their work and how to present themselves. To do this, each participant received a Nikon D3300 camera as well as a ro-bust cross-section of Manfrotto accessories, including a 190 Go! Tripod, Mini Ball head, Pixi mini tripod, LED light Maxima, filters, messenger bag and Lastolite reflector kit.


The Viking Strongman Competition took place in Washington Heights in December 2013. Students were coached in sports photography by Brad Smith, Directory of Photography at Sports Illustrated. Nikon loaned the students a consignment of camera bodies and lenses for the event with JC Carey. Cliff Hausner from Profoto brought strobe lighting and helped the students set up a portrait booth

Our Home Town

More than 3,000 teenagers in 45 states participated in “My Hometown.” In the final presentation, curated to give a sampling of the best photos from a cross-section of the country, there are five images from NYC Salt, a nonprofit program serving inner-city teenagers. Overall, we had a selection of 35 images selected from our class. READ MORE

Washington Heights

This collection of images is from a book project that the students did on the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan.

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