"My Internship With DVF" by Devin Osorio

adam chinitz - Monday, August 01, 2011
SALT student for 8 years 
Student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Textiles 
$50,000 in art scholarships 

This is Devin’s essay about the internship he had with Diane Von Furstenberg through a connection one of our photographers had with the company. 

Living the life of a fashion designer is not all about the high fashion glamour and paparazzi annoyance.  It also includes my favorite part, the nitty gritty background work. Work that can be spent sewing beads to nude organza, or photo copying pattern pieces in order to create “the dress”. Interning for the world renown fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg, not only taught me this, but let me experience it hands on. 

I started in the beginning of July as a design intern. I created samples for designers to integrate into catwalk pieces. Not only did I learn very helpful and useful sewing techniques, I developed a new way of seeing design.  Before this summer my mind was limited to garments made of only fabric. Now a garment can incorporate just about anything; cork, beads, or even chicken wire! I also learned about life by interacting with the other interns. I learned to enjoy more and to open my horizons! 

Most of the interns are foreign, which is amazing. They they are also older which forced me to mature the more I spoke to them. They spent all their time going out and experiencing New York. They saw and did things I’ve never done in my own city. They inspired me to do the same..... someday. 

I now have friends in London, Israel, San Francisco, France, and the Ukraine! 
Here are a few UK lingo tips I picked up: 
a. Naf, something which is tacky. 
b. Skanky, something which is cheap. 
c. Cheers, used instead of thank you 
d. Fancy, used when you really like someone or something/ used when you have a crush on someone 
e. Fit, someone whom is more than “hot” but “sexually arising” 
f. “You Alright?”, casually asking how someone’s day is going, not in a concerned context. 

We spoke about colleges, since I have to apply soon. I heard their experiences in applying, their expectations and if they were fulfilled. Now I can say truthfully that Central Saint Martins in London is my number one choice! 

The time I spend with these new friends created a “DVF family” and rekindled a dream of mine.... A life of independence, responsibility, and the challenge of living in a new country.... Developing new friends, a new home, and perhaps another “new family”. A family made up of  of roommates and neighbors. Meeting Neil Gilks was very important to me. Neil is the intern king, he runs the program and is an AMAZING human being. I see him as a role model. Not only his successes, but the graceful way he handles them. 

I may love the background work, but I will admit the glamour is fun.  There was always something going on! In the second week Gossip Girl was shooting in the showroom and I got to see some of the stars! There are lots of movies that are filmed near the DVF Showroom, and I have spotted Joseph Gordon-Levitt many times! I was given a singed copy of Diane’s biography. In it she wrote, “enjoy it all + go for it.” After this summer, that is exactly what I plan to do! Now my motto is, “want it, go for it.” The worse “they” can say is “no!”


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