"Inspired by Ewing Blumenfield" by Devin Osorio

adam chinitz - Sunday, January 30, 2011

by Devin Osorio

I am currently in the process of creating a fashion portfolio for my college application to Fashion Institute of Technology. I was trying to find a way to incorporate both my love of fashion and photography in hopes to make me stand out. With this in mind I spent a day in Kristen Somody Whalen's home (she's one of our photography teachers) studying piles of books filled with pictures from fashion photographer greats such as Louise Dahl Wolfe, Melvin Sokolsky, and Hiro. Within these books I came across Ewing Blumenfield's image of a girl under a veil. This picture blew my mind! It was exactly what I wanted for my portfolio. In my mind, I saw an image of a girl with fabric blowing from her face and one of my accessories dressed beautifully on her neck, creating a cross image between Victor and Rolf's "Flowerbomb" campaign and the outfits for the guy in "The Elephant Man".

So with Alicia's help in the photography studio, I had my model stand in front of the window creating beautiful soft lighting which worked great against my models skin and face shape. I used a black card in back of her to make the colors of the fabric and accessories stand out.

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